Welcome to CoinPrices.io!

Welcome to CoinPrices.io, your destination for real time cryptocurrency prices, analysis, and insight. We are operating in a very limited form at the moment, as we are in the process of getting everything up and running. My name is Matthew Odell, and I am one of the co-founders. I was first introduced to Bitcoin about 2 years ago. I was immediately excited and intrigued by the possibilities and potential applications cryptocurrencies presented. I am both a tech geek and a current events/politics junkie so Bitcoin really bridges those two worlds for me. Potential applications such as transparent and auditable voting, p2p lending, and frictionless worldwide commerce are game changers that I expect to change society as we currently know it.

This site is going to be dedicated to all things relating to cryptocurrency. We plan to have real time prices and stats for all the major coins and we will have an open contributor model for the blog. To stay informed of our posts please follow us on twitter @coinpricesIO or sign up for our weekly newsletter on the front page(we promise not to give out your details or spam your email). You can find me on reddit, my handle is u/wserd. Also you can find my bitcoin address and other social media accounts here: https://onename.io/mattodell

Currently I am the only writer at Coinprices. It is little more than a blog at this point. We are looking to have more writers come on board, please contact us at hello@coinprices.io if you are interested in contributing.

My partner and I are very active in the crypto space and CoinPrices is solely a side project intended to give back to the community. It is absolutely a work in progress. The intention for the site is not to overload users with tons of pointless articles. Quality > Quantity.

We hope our site provides you with informative, timely, and relevant information.

Thanks, The CoinPrices Team