The Dogecoin Index

We are happy to announce the addition of our Dogecoin Index. It's the second of many altcoins that will be supported.

Dogecoin is a modified version of Litecoin created around a meme that was popularized through the internet called doge. It was originally intended as a joke but went viral on the internet. It has since built up a dedicated following and has a very welcoming community that has implemented many methods to attract new users to cryptocurrencies. They have very active developer support, which makes them ideal for people getting into cryptocurrencies for the first time.

DOGE is Inflationary, Bitcoin Litecoin are Deflationary

Dogecoin is inflationary by design, intended to encourage spending and keep the DOGE price lower. Instead of having a fixed number of coins, more DOGE will be generated every year, forever. Part of Dogecoin's success lies in the fact that DOGE are so cheap that you can tip someone 1000 DOGE for instance, which is only about 50 cents USD, and it subconsciously feels cooler because of the high number. It also makes DOGE ideal for microtransactions.

The doge meme that the coin is based on:


Main Website:


Block Explorer:

Confirmation time: 1 Minutes (Bitcoin is 10 minutes) (Litecoin is 2.5 minutes)

Total Currency Units: 98 Billion coins by Jan 2015 then 5.2 Billion coins per year after that, in perpetuity (Bitcoin will have 21 million units) (Litecoin will have 84 Million coins)