Our Newest Contributor: Bob Fogg, an anonymous Wall Street insider

We are happy to announce our newest column: Banking on Bitcoin. Banking on Bitcoin will explore the potential of Bitcoin and other digital currencies from the perspective of an anonymous Wall Street insider. The first post in the series is scheduled to release this Wednesday.

Bob Fogg is an anonymous finance insider and our newest contributor at Coinprices. He works at a large buy-side firm, which provides him with an intimate view of the industry. On the other hand, he does not sport the typical finance background, making his perspective increasingly rare on Wall Street. Due to the nature of his employment, he will be writing under a pseudonym, but his identity and credentials have been confirmed.

Bob is excited about the future implications of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, and he’s found his vantage point to be particularly privileged when analyzing the potential effects of digital currencies on traditional financial structures. Bob believes that digital currencies are poised to severely disrupt the financial industry. He will be contributing an ongoing column at Coinprices, that will analyze the disruption potential of digital currencies.

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