Elite Chinese University 'Tsinghua' Launches 'Digital Assets Research Initiative'

In what appears to be a response to last week's announcement that the MIT Media Lab launched a Digital Currency Initiative, Tsinghua University has launched their own initiative in a partnership with Chinese Bitcoin Exchange Huobi. Tsinghua is well respected both in China and worldwide for their high quality of education and research. By competing with MIT and similar private funded research projects, Tsinghua's new initiative should greatly benefit the network as a whole by further decentralizing research and development in the industry.

From the Press Release

The work of the Digital Assets Research Initiative will be jointly conducted by finance and technology experts from Tsignhua University PBC School of Finance and Huobi. It will be hosted at the Tsinghua PBC School's Internet Finance Research Lab and Huobi will be the official sponsor of the program. The focus will be on understanding how digital innovation is transforming finance and economics for individuals, businesses, governments, and the international system; predicting the future direction and impact of these trends; and promoting a healthy and prosperous development path. The Digital Assets Research Initiative of Tsinghua PBC School and Huobi will provide quality information and insight to finance and technology industry professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, and the general public. It will be a valuable resource to help China be at the forefront of innovation in this important area.

Tsinghua University joins MIT and technology giants IBM and Samsung as one of the world's major institutions conducting research and development of blockchain technology, decentralized systems, and digital assets.