DevCore Boston Bitcoin Conference Live Stream (14:00-20:30 UTC)

DevCore Boston Bitcoin Conference Live Stream Brought to you by Circle (9AM-3:30PM EST ~ 14:00-20:30 UTC)

9:00 am: Welcome Introductory Remarks: Moving to the Mainstream – Patrick Murck

9:10 am: What Satoshi Didn’t Know – Gavin Andresen

9:45 am: In-Depth QA Session with Gavin Andresen

10:00 am: The Internet of Value Exchange – Jeremy Allaire Sean Neville

11:00 am: Bitcoin Law for Developers – James Gatto Marco Santori

11:45 am: Open Discussion - RD Goals Challenges – Patrick Murck, Gavin Andresen, Cory Fields

12:30 am: Feature Presentation: Multisig Meets Hardware – Micah Winkelspecht

1:15 pm: Talk Book Signing – 'Mastering Bitcoin' with Andreas Antonopolous

2:00 pm: Bitcoin Standards – Joshua McDougall, Patrick Murck, Michael Perklin

2:45 pm: Quick Hacks - How to Build Developer APIs on the Block Chain – Cory Fields, Kevin Houk, Tim Lee

3:50 pm: Closing remarks – Patrick Murck