Bitcoin Product Spotlight: Coinapult SMS - ZapChain - Coinalytics

The Bitcoin and digital currency ecosystem is rapidly growing as engineers and designers are building new tools and products everyday. Some are using Bitcoin in novel ways, others are helping to grow adoption, and some are just fun side projects. As a community it is important to recognize this effort and help others find these products. We will showcase some of our favorites every week.

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Here are three products we found interesting this week:

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Coinapult SMS - @Coinapult

Coinapult SMS

We covered Coinapult’s innovative LOCKS product last week, and they’re back again with another installment that’s true to their mission of worldwide financial inclusion. Their SMS program seeks to make Bitcoin technology available on-the-go to the millions of people globally who don’t use smartphones, don’t have ample access to the internet, or can’t rely on 3G/4G cell networks. A simple concept, Coinapult SMS allows users to send and receive (and yes, LOCK) their bitcoin via text message. To use it, you simply link your current phone number to your existing Coinapult account, and text commands to Coinapult for them to execute. Command functions include things like balance inquiries, sending/receiving bitcoin, transaction histories, and more. This is a truly exciting project due to the accessibility it lends Bitcoin technology around the world. There are 6 Billion people worldwide without a bank account, but over 4 Billion of them have cellphones. Coinapult enables them easily and cheaply connect to the worldwide financial system. There are already many options for smartphone users but this feature enables access for any cellphone that supports text messaging, consider the data in this chart published by McKinsey:


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ZapChain - @ZapChain


ZapChain is a Bitcoin focused social network meant to connect professionals in the industry to form positive relationships and catalyze Bitcoin ventures. In contrast to other products like last week’s Honeybadgr, ZapChain provides you with a public profile which you may use to follow any number of people and be followed in return - kind of like a Twitter for Bitcoin. Founded by two-time Forbes 30 under 30, Matt Schlicht (he also co-founded Follow the Coin), ZapChain provides an easy to use platform for convening with the Bitcoin community for anyone from the market movers to new bitcoiners looking to get their feet wet.

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Coinalytics - @Coinalytics


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Coinalytics is a real time analytics engine running on Bitcoin’s blockchain. Dubbed “Bitcoin’s Bloomberg” by CoinDesk, they seek to gain insight and provide explanation for various market movements and price shifts through active and ongoing analysis of Bitcoin’s media, market, and blockchain. By staying on top of these elements, they hope to provide context to investors and regular bitcoin users in real time. By shedding some extra light on the overall economy and its seemingly unpredictable movements, Coinalytics expects to attract more knowledgeable investors to the bitcoin space and to encourage greater capital investments by allowing for more informed and contextualized decisions to be made. Coinalytics full site hasn’t released yet, but allows early access to its beta version by request.

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