Bitcoin Product Spotlight: Coinapult LOCKS - Honeybadgr - BitAnswers

The Bitcoin and digital currency ecosystem is rapidly growing as engineers and designers are building new tools and products everyday. Some are using Bitcoin in novel ways, others are helping to grow adoption, and some are just fun side projects. As a community it is important to recognize this effort and help others find these products. We will showcase some of our favorites every week.

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Here are three products we found interesting this week:

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Coinapult LOCKS - @Coinapult


Coinapult is a well-established company in the Bitcoin economy, dedicated to developing useful financial tools to make Bitcoin technology more approachable and user-friendly, particularly in the developing world. Inspired by the aspect of the “financial inclusion” Bitcoin technology enables, they strive to make their products simple and beneficial to the common good. Their LOCKS program, rolled out earlier this year, seeks to tackle the obstacle of volatility in holding bitcoin. To date, bitcoin has proven quite a volatile asset, and although we have seen previous levels of instability subside as transaction volumes continue to increase and more coins are mined, it certainly remains uncertain enough to dissuade many potential newcomers. LOCKS allows you to peg your bitcoin’s value to another marketable asset such as USD, EUR, Gold, or Silver. If you want to lock $500 worth of Bitcoin at that price today, you will always have that $500 worth, no more no less, for the duration you keep it locked. If the bitcoin-to-dollar ratio tanks tomorrow (let’s say by 50%), your $500 will now be worth 2x as many bitcoins as the day before. Inversely, if the value of one bitcoin were to double, you would still remain tethered to the $500 value and your redeemable Bitcoin balance would be halved. Basically, this service allows for you to use bitcoin for everyday transactions and not have to worry about how much it might be worth from one day to the next because it’s dependent on a more stable asset.

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Honeybadgr - @TryHoneyBadgr


Honeybadgr is a platform that connects Bitcoin enthusiasts looking to get involved in the emerging digital currency market with companies looking for capable candidates to fill roles within their organizations. They categorize your interests, goals, background, and achievements in order to generate a meaningful match with an employer in the Bitcoin space. Both prospective employers and employees can create profiles on the site, and Honeybadgr does the rest. Once a match is made, tailored to various tastes, needs, and demands, it is approved by the individual and Honeybadgr will set up an interview. An important and distinguishing detail about this product is that it is not a social network site, it doesn’t display your profile to the world to see and personal details are never revealed. It is a tool for connection between able-minded, interested individuals and short staffed startups, while maintaining the admirable goal of cultivating the young Bitcoin economy.

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BitAnswers - @BitAnswers


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BitAnswers leverages the unique capabilities of the Bitcoin network to incentivize participation in online conversations. Users can ask or answer public questions and actually realize some value for their contributions (no matter how small). The site works on a system of bounties and tips - an asker can place a bounty on the topic they’re inquiring about to generate interested responses from other people. If no bounty is placed, an asker may elect to tip a respondent they feel has earned it. The key behind BitAnswers is the ability to conduct microtransactions due to using bitcoin/dogecoin as payment methods rather than traditional systems that charge high fees.

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