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The Bitcoin and digital currency ecosystem is rapidly growing as engineers and designers are building new tools and products everyday. Some are using Bitcoin in novel ways, others are helping to grow adoption, and some are just fun side projects. As a community it is important to recognize this effort and help others find these products. We will showcase some of our favorites every week.

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Here are three products we found interesting this week:

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BTCJam - @BTCJam


Based in San Francisco, BTC Jam is a global peer-to-peer bitcoin lending network. By connecting lender directly to borrower, they offer a simple and secure means of financing through Bitcoin. BTC Jam operates much like a microfinance or crowdfunding firm, with the added benefit of doing away with national borders and bureaucratic red tape. Lenders can see where their coins are going and can tell which borrowers are trustworthy based on a BTC Jam developed credit-ranking system. The company is particularly excited about the impact this type of P2P loan network will have on borrowers in developing nations, where acquiring a loan quickly and inexpensively is often impossible using traditional systems.

br /br / - @PurseIO is a service that enables users to purchase goods from Amazon using their bitcoin, and also provides a means to conveniently buy bitcoin with a credit card. The site enables a user to buy goods from Amazon (the spender) by connecting them with another user who is looking to buy bitcoin (the buyer). First, the spender makes an Amazon wishlist and posts it onto, selects their desired discount rate anywhere from 0-25%, and deposits the appropriate amount of BTC for the order. Then, the pool of buyers on will have access to that wish list and will be able to execute the Amazon order in regular currency. will then transfer the spender’s bitcoin to the buyer upon order confirmation. Basically, the Amazon customers get a discount because the buyers pick up the slack by paying a premium in exchange for quick and easy access to bitcoin with a credit card. Overall, it is a pretty ingenious system that greatly benefits the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole.

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BitScan - @Bitscanner


BitScan hosts a comprehensive and categorized directory for the ever-expanding Bitcoin economy. Their goal is to create massive and easily accessible Bitcoin company database. Their website and app feature a global map filled with the directory entries, making it simple to find Bitcoin businesses in your area.

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