Bitcoin Product Spotlight #2

The Bitcoin and digital currency ecosystem is rapidly growing as engineers and designers are building new tools and products everyday. Some are using Bitcoin in novel ways, others are helping to grow adoption, and some are just fun side projects. As a community it is important to recognize this effort and help others find these products. We will showcase some of our favorites every week.

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Here are four products we found interesting this week:

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Blocksign - @BlockSignIt

BlockSign is an exciting example of the new possibilities that blockchain technology can enable. BlockSign allows two parties to sign and verify documents using the Bitcoin public ledger, the blockchain. BlockSignIt has created a decentralized solution to a problem that traditionally requires third parties such as DocuSign. This a great example of a use case where Bitcoin tech is more than just a currency.

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Copay - @BitPay

Copay lets friends and teams share a Bitcoin wallet using Multi Sig technology. Ever need your team to sign off on a transaction? Using Copay, every transaction requires multiple signatures ensuring everyone part of the wallet is aware. The code is open source, can be deployed locally, and is free to use thanks to Bitpay's generosity.

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Trezor - @Trezor

Trezor is a physical bitcoin safe that aims to be the most secure way for average users to store Bitcoin. We will have a guide up on how to use it shortly. We are just awaiting ours to come in the mail.

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BitPesa - @BitPesa

International money transfers, particularly remittances, are a multi-billion dollar business and companies such as Western Union, are able to charge huge amounts of fees due to their stranglehold on the industry. Billions of dollars are transferred to families every year, many in third world countries, where high fees make small transfers extraordinarily expensive. For small transactions, if you include the flat fee charged by most remittace providers, the final transfer fee can be as high as 20%. Bitpesa aims to undercut traditional remittance providers by using the Bitcoin network for instant transfers with negligible fees. BitPesa makes sending money to Kenya insanely cheap, because Bitcoin allows them to initiate transfers at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers. Fees for small transactions can be as low as 1%, and both the sender and receiver don't even need to know how to use Bitcoin because it all seamlessly happens in Bitpesa's backend. The users only see the transfer of their local currency, which happens instantly, at prices that can't be beat by traditional providers.

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