Bitcoin Adoption Among Top 50 Websites

Inspired by this post by redditor /u/cryptodude1

We have compiled a table showing which of the Top 50 websites accept Bitcoin based on their Alexa rank. We will keep this table constantly updated. Let us know if we missed anything or if your company is planning to accept Bitcoin at

Company Name Type of Site Accepts Bitcoin Adoption Date Source
Google Search No
Facebook Social Network No
YouTube Video sharing No
Yahoo! Search No
Baidu Search No
Wikipedia Reference Yes 7/30/2014
Tencent QQ Portal No
Taobao Commerce No
Twitter Social Network No
Windows Live Web Portal No
Amazon Commerce No
LinkedIn Social Network No
Google India Search No
Sina Corp News No
Hao123 Search No
Sina Weibo Social Network No
Blogspot Blogging No
Tmall Commerce No
Sohu Search No
Yahoo! Japan Search No
VKontakte Social Network No
Yandex Search No
WordPress Social Media Yes 11/15/2012
Bing Search No
eBay Commerce n/a
Google Germany Search No
Pinterest Social Network No
360 Safeguard Consumer Tech No
Google UK Search No
Google France Search No
Instagram Social Network No
Google Japan Search No
NetEase Search No
Soso Search No
Ask Search No
MSN News No
tumblr Social Network No
Google Brazil Search No
Mail.Ru Search No
XVideos Pornography No
Microsoft Consumer Tech No
Google Russia Search No
PayPal E-commerce No
Google Italy Search No
Google Spain Search No
Apple Consumer Tech No
IMDB Movie Database No
Adcash Online Advertising No
Imgur Image Sharing Rumored